Christmas Cards In Australia – Make Greener Festive Choices

Let’s cut down on the amount of excess paper trash produced throughout the holidays by exchanging plantable Christmas cards and favours that assist the planet and increase wildflowers! With so many options, you may pick designs that most accurately capture your sense of style and then customise them to make them even more unique. These post-consumer trash christmas cards in Australia contain seeds that, when planted, will germinate and flourish. The growth will be beneficial to bees and birds, and you may feel good about lessening your Christmas waste this year. Now that you have a little insight about plantable Christmas and greeting cards, it is time to discover more about seed papers.

Cards made from seed paper

Plantable Christmas cards are an environmentally responsible substitute for the standard business Christmas cards because they are composed of seed paper. There are seeds for wildflowers inserted in each card. The seed paper card can be torn up after Christmas, placed in some soil, and will start to grow in a matter of weeks.

For a memorable corporate Christmas card in Australia that will sustainably promote any business, they may be custom printed with a business logo and brand message. They are made from recycled paper and are entirely biodegradable.

How to make plantable cards?

Give a card that will be recycled to make something lovely rather of being simply thrown away. We make our seed paper by combining recycled paper pulp with seeds and shaping the resulting composite. Simply put the paper in a pot with compost, water it well, and make sure it is moist at all times to grow it. Keep it from drying out because doing so will lessen the likelihood of growth. Keep the pot in a warm, well-lit area. Small shoots will appear after the seeds begin to sprout; when they are big enough, you can transplant them into your garden.

How Do Seed Cards Benefit the Environment, Then?

  • The seed card is genuinely unique. Not only is it entirely biodegradable, leaving no harmful residue behind as it naturally decomposes, but it is also entirely created from recycled, post-consumer trash, so that no new trees are ever destroyed in the production of our cards. They are compostable, biodegradable, and, as you are aware, contain seeds. Additionally, everything we print uses ink that is vegan-friendly, nice, huh?
  • Making the environment greener is made possible with plantable seed cards. By promoting and assisting the growth of significant pollinator species, including your friendly neighbourhood bees and butterflies, growing plants and flowers produces new miniature ecosystems.
  • You’re aware of the cellophane bags that many greeting cards come in? We never leave our playing cards in one of those. All of our packaging is created from post-consumer waste recycling since we dislike single-use plastics. which is consistent with our commitment to being a plastic-free business and helping to address the global challenges we are currently facing.
  • Last but not least, with assistance from our partner in the forestry initiative, Ecologi, we plant a tree in our forest in Madagascar on your behalf for each card or stationery suite sold. This not only reduces carbon emissions associated with shipping but also aids in restoring natural habitats and gives local communities jobs in the planting and upkeep of these new forests around the globe. Who knew the impact of plantable seed cards could be so great?

Can you print on seed paper?

Yes. The seeds in Bluecat Paper seed paper sheets were chosen for their ease of growth and tiny size, making the paper smoother and better suited for printing.

Our paper has a deckled edge and clean, trimmed edges. It can be printed on using a variety of techniques, although the end effect may differ.

Is seed paper biodegradable?

Plantable paper is a biodegradable eco-paper that has embedded seeds and is manufactured from post-consumer materials (no trees were damaged in the making of this paper!). In a soil-filled pot, sow the seeds, and watch them grow while the paper decomposes. There is no waste; you only receive flowers, herbs, or vegetables.

Being a responsible human being toward mother nature, it is your duty always to make greener and sustainable choices. Invest in Christmas cards in Australia and take a step further towards an eco-friendly alternative!