Copper Bathtub: A Great Way to Refresh Your Bathroom Design!

Copper is a resilient, malleable, and attractive metal. This makes it an ideal material for the manufacture of bathtubs.

A copper bathtub may be expensive to purchase. But the cost is worth it as they are long-term investments that have character and bring the feel of luxury.

Copper tubs are manufactured in numerous nations, including China and Mexico. They are manufactured by heating copper sheets and hammering them into the desired shape. 

One of the advantages of purchasing that hammered copper tub is its ability to complement different types of bathroom décor. That includes modern, traditional, and antique-style bathrooms. 

How to Refresh Copper Bathtubs in Bathroom Design

You may have copper pennies and copper cookware in the kitchen. But how much do you know about copper bathrooms? These metal marvels can make an excellent addition to your bathroom’s design.

They are stylish and large enough to draw the eye and make a statement. Their durability and reliability also make the tubs ideal for families.

If you already have a copper tub, you’re probably wondering how to decorate the bathroom. How would you choose the items that would complement a reddish-brown hue, for instance? You don’t have to break the bank to create a spa-like feel in the bathroom. But if you can afford to spend a little more, then why not? 

  1. Bathtub Reglazing

This is a bathtub renovation option referred to as refinishing or recoating. During this process, an expert begins by sanding down the tub’s surface. They then fill in the cracks and worn-out areas and apply several coats of primer and paint. This happens before the final buffing.

Bathtub reglazing is a temporary fix since it’s purely a cosmetic update. Think of it like applying nail polish. Your nails will look good for a while, but as you go through your daily routine, you’ll need to touch them up again.

If your copper tub is still in good shape but is covered in minor stains or scratches, reglazing will be a good idea. For homeowners with an antique copper tub, this is the way to go. Note that the weather plays an important factor in how long it takes for the finishing coat to dry. It also plays a role in how well it bonds to the surface. Also, keep in mind that humidity harms the bathtub’s reglazing process.

  1. Classic Rustic Accents and Copper Tone Candles

Your bathroom can look like something out of a spa with just a few copper tub accessories. Some rustic ideas include towel holders, taps, and soap holders.

Be careful not to add too many rustic features. Remember that a copper tub is a massive feature in the bathroom. So it’s enough that you only add a few small accessories in the room. You can also add rustic accents using the building structure. Ensure some beams are exposed in their natural color or with architectural features.

Candles also have a way of giving your space a relaxing and refreshing feel. Using copper tub accessories like copper-tone candles or candles with copper decorations is an amazing addition. That’s because candles can ease your experience when soaking in your copper tub after a long day.

Try placing the candles in different locations until the bathroom feels enchanting whenever the candles are lit.

Source: Pexels
  1. Bathtub Liners

These are acrylic replicas of your existing tub. You can only change the colour and style if you think it’s necessary. The liner is installed on top of your existing copper clawfoot tub. Installers then permanently adhere it using a combination of two-sided tape and silicone acrylic.

The installation of a bathtub liner takes a day or two. The whole process, however, can take between one to two months. That’s considering that installers must first take pictures and the exact measurements of the area before molding a liner out of acrylic.

A liner might be the best option if your copper soaking tub has seen better days and reglazing won’t cut it. If the copper tub and the surrounding area are too far gone, say missing tile work, a full relining would be the way to go. This is especially the solution if you have built your home in the last few decades.

That’s because the design and configuration of the bathtub will lend themselves to relining. It’s unlike the older and historic homes with freestanding tubs that can’t be relined.

Before settling on liners, do research to ensure that your contractor is an expert in bathtub liners. If the tub has pre-existing conditions and the project isn’t done correctly, you’ll only be covering up a problem. And you can be sure that it will resurface soon enough. 

  1. Bathtub Replacement

A total bathtub replacement is something to consider if your tub is nasty. It could also be that you just want a fresh start.

Bathtub replacement is a time-intensive and expensive option. That’s considering that you’ll need to gut the existing copper bathtub to install a new one. The process involves removing wall tile, which can lead to sheetrock and plaster repairs.

It may be time to upgrade the shower valve while the walls remain open. You should also install blocking for future grab bars and incorporate niches into the new tile walls.

If you have a budget for a larger project to replace the tub, it makes sense to go ahead. And if you don’t like the size, shape, or location of your existing vintage copper tub, this is your chance to customize the space.

Note that a bathtub replacement can take up to several weeks if you opt for a custom unit. That means that you’ll have to make alternate showering arrangements during construction. That’s if you only have one bathroom at home.

Keep in mind that bathtub refinishing and relining are purely cosmetic fixes. A bathtub replacement, however, is like major surgery. It can drive up the cost and complexity of the project.

  1. Compliment Copper Tubs with Style

Copper has a rich color, and, as such, using a dull color can ruin the overall outlook.

Your copper soaking tub will stand out and get a rich color balance if you use bright or nude colors. This will make the bathroom look inviting with the contrast between the light and dark hue.

The bright color tones will complement any copper fixtures in the bathroom and make them attractive. Copper bathtubs are beautiful statement pieces in bathrooms. That’s especially if the bathroom is spacious and needs a stunning focal point. It helps to bring out the most of your bathroom with copper-style tips. 

Final Take Away

For people who don’t think bathing is a luxury, it might be daunting to buy something as unique as a copper tub. But once you realize how great copper tubs are, you’ll want to get one.

Copper bathtubs also improve with time as the finish ages and reflect a more vibrant and deeper color. These tubs are available in various shapes and styles. That makes them easy to install in almost any bathroom size.