Don’t Let Your Attic Be the Reason for Your Unhealthy Home

If you notice black spots or patches on your ceiling or walls, don’t ignore them! Learn how to identify mold in your home, what causes attic mold and how to remove it from your home without building demolition services in Marietta GA.

If you want to know how to get rid of mold in your attic, you’ve come to the right place.

If you suspect your attic has mold or mildew issues, here are some steps to take:

– Check with your homeowner’s insurance policy and see if there is coverage for mold; if so, contact them immediately.

What can cause unsafe conditions in an attic?

Mold thrives in damp environments and can cause a number of health problems including asthma attacks and respiratory infections.

Why do I have a musty odor coming from my attic?

Mold spores are one of the most common causes of musty odors in attics. When water and moisture get into your attic, it can cause mold to grow and produce a musty odor. This can prevent the growth of mold and help eliminate any musty smells that may be coming from your attic.

Why should I have my attic cleaned by professionals?

You may not realize what’s happening up there because the attic is usually out of sight and out of mind. It’s important to keep your attic free from mold, water damage, and other hazards. Mold spores are extremely hazardous to your health. These spores can cause asthma, allergies, or other respiratory problems in people who are sensitive to them for building demolition services in Marietta GA.

How often should I have my attic cleaned?

It is important to have your attic cleaned regularly. It’s a good idea to have it cleaned every couple of years. Additionally, if you suspect that there may be mold. The sooner you find and address any mold growth in your attic, the better off you’ll be!

Who are some professional companies that can perform this service?

There are a variety of companies offering building demolition services in Marietta GA.

Get Rid of the Dust Bunnies in Your Attic

No matter what time of year it is, one thing stays constant for homeowners—attic cleaning. You’re going to have to do it at some point, so why not do it now? If you leave the dust bunnies and old insulation up there any longer, it’s only going to make the job harder in the end. If you need help figuring out how often to clean your attic, keep reading to find out more information about building demolition services in Marietta GA!

Filling the Gaps

Most people don’t think about their attic until they start to see dust bunnies accumulating up there. In order to keep your attic clean, you’ll want to have it cleaned at least once a year. This will help prevent dust from building up, which can lead to mold and other problems. It’s also important to check your roof vents every few months for debris or leaves that could be blocking airflow.

Assess Ventilation

The more often you use your attic, the more quickly dust and debris will accumulate, so it’s a good idea to have a professional clean your attic at least every couple of years for the building demolition services in Marietta GA.

Cleaning Supplies

One major cause of attic dust is insulation. You can try to manage it by installing a roof vent, but if your home doesn’t already have one you will need to add one. Be sure to vacuum areas that are hard to reach, including vents and fans.

Tackle it yourself

You will need a ladder, an extension cord (or multiple extension cords), a hard-bristled brush (medium size), gloves, some old newspapers or rags for wiping, and some cleaner or detergent.

Professional Attic Cleaners

A dirty, dusty attic can be a health hazard for your family and pets. Not only does it make it hard to breathe, but it can also attract pests like mice or insects. Regular attic cleaning is an important part of household maintenance for building demolition services in Marietta GA.

Crawl Space Encapsulation

You should clean your attic at least once every three years. Some people might need their venting cleaned or just have a high-efficiency filter installed.

Getting rid of unwanted items

It’s time to declutter your attic. As you start sorting through old clothes, old toys, and other belongings that haven’t seen the light of day for years, you’ll find yourself asking a lot of questions. What do I keep? What should I throw away? How often should I have my attic cleaned?

The first step is deciding what to keep. If it’s something you don’t wear or use anymore, it might be time to donate it to someone who can put it to good use for building demolition services in Marietta GA.

Start early!

The attic is one of those places that many people tend to forget about until it’s too late. A dirty attic can have a serious impact on your home and health, including attracting pests and vermin, causing poor air quality, promoting the growth of mold and mildew which can lead to respiratory problems, increasing your energy bill by up to 30%, and even leading to structural damage for building demolition services in Marietta GA.