Easy Steps to Make Car Perfume Using Essential Fragrance Oil

The store-bought car perfume may promise you to make your car smell fresh and good. But that happens rarely. Instead, they smell stronger and make you feel nauseous. However, this is only the very beginning. Store-bought vehicle fresheners have toxic ingredients that are not good for health.

Fortunately, essential oils provide a safer alternative to these toxic substances. They serve as the aroma and deodoriser. It contains non-toxic chemicals found in a commercial car air freshener. Thus, they also provide a variety of health advantages. Try this DIY recipe for an essential oil-infused vehicle freshener as an alternative to conventional ones.

Benefits Of Essential Oils in Car Perfume

Essential oils come in a range of properties and unique aromas. You may mix different essential oils, depending on how you want to use them and the aroma you want. With essential oils, you get various health benefits in addition to a perfume that is all-natural and non-toxic. These car accessories can leave your vehicle smelling fresh and soothing.

The most effective car freshener is a blend of tangerine, spearmint, melissa, peppermint, and rosewood. This concoction enhances mental clarity, reduces headaches, and boosts energy. This works well as a car freshener since it can help you stay awake and relaxed as you drive.

An inexpensive DIY vehicle freshener may last just as long as purchased from stores. An essential oil-based vehicle freshener can last for two to three weeks.

DIY Steps to Make Car Air Freshener at Home

Below you will find three innovative ways to make car air fresheners at home. They are not only easy to make but are also effective.

Clothespin Air Freshener

To make a clothespin, you will need clothespins, sandwich bags, essential oils, and fresh herbs.

  • How to make:

Add around 5 drops of your preferred essential oil to each clothespin. You can choose from peppermint oil, lavender oil, or rosewood oil. Add your clothespins and a few fresh herbs to a plastic sandwich bag. Make sure to seal the bag. 

You might choose to fill the bag with a few aromatic mint leaves. The mint and essential oil aroma are energising, clean, and fresh. If you decide not to use the herbs, keep the clothespins in the sandwich bag until you’re ready to use them.

Attach one or two of your clothespin air fresheners to the air vents in your automobile to utilise them. The aroma only truly “activates” when you turn on your car’s heat or air conditioning. This air freshener is ideal for someone who likes something more subdued than standard air fresheners.

Your clothespins’ aroma will lessen with time. But you can keep using them by resealing them with fresh herbs and adding more oil.

Mason Jar Air Freshener

You’ll need the following things to make your own mason jar air freshener.

  • A Mason Jar
  • Baking Soda
  • Essentials Oils
  • Cardboard Piece
  • Thumbtack
  • Scissor
  • Directions:

Fill your Mason jar with baking soda until it is about two-thirds full. The baking soda should have added roughly 20 drops of your chosen essential oil or oils. Use equal parts of the oils of lemon, lavender, and peppermint.

Cover the container with the lid and shake vigorously to distribute the oils throughout the baking soda evenly. Next, take off the lid and sketch a circle onto a piece of cardboard using the flat disc component as a template. Use scissors or a craft knife to cut out the circle, then set it on the baking soda container.

Put a thumbtack through many holes in the cardboard lid after using the ring portion of the lid to hold the cardboard to the jar. You may keep the jar beneath a seat or put in a cup holder in your car for usage. Once per month or so, you can prepare a new jar.

Felt & Foam Air Freshener

You’ll need Adhesive craft foam, craft felt, Essential oils, Hole punch, Scissors, and string.

  • Directions:

You must first choose the shape of your air freshener; possible shapes include a sunburst, a seashell, and a flip flop. Cut out your design twice once you’ve chosen the design you’ll be utilising. Once using craft felt and once with adhesive craft foam.

Peel the craft foam’s paper backing off after cutting out both of your forms. After that, adhere it to the felt piece’s back. Make a loop out of twine or string at the top so you can hang it from there.

Add your car perfume as the final step. Either apply a few drops of essential oil on the felt side or use a little spray bottle. You may distribute the essential oils more evenly by spraying them with water mixed with oil. All that’s left to do is hang your new air freshener from your rear-view mirror after you’re finished!

Nobody likes to be inside or outside of a stinky car. Additionally, how clean you keep yourself affects how your car smells. Car perfume is necessary for your vehicle as a result. At, you can purchase an incredible variety of exotic car air fresheners online from the most reliable companies.

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