Everything about The Aconcagua Normal Route

Mountain climbers all around the world have a goal of climbing Aconcagua. Apart from being the highest mountain in South America, it is an excellent mountain to gain mountaineering experience before climbing other more challenging mountains. There are two ways to climb Aconcagua: the normal route and the Vacas Valley Route. 

The normal route is more popular than other routes. If you want to climb this mountain with a wonderful experience and to capture some beautiful scenery, you should consider the normal route to climb it. You can reach the summit more quickly and easily via this route.

Normal Route Overview

The height of this mountain is 22,834 feet, which attracts lots of climbers around the world. Most people choose this friendly route to climb this mountain. Generally, your guide tells you about the route. This route usually starts with an acclimation trek to the Plaza Francia. After reaching this point, the guide will travel to the Plaza de Mulas. The total distance of this route is 42 miles. This route consists of the ascent through the north-eastern ridge, moving through the Horcones valley. You can also get assistance from motor trucks and other vehicles on this route. The weather on this route is usually warm, but sometimes white winds can make trekking a bit challenging. 

Gears to Pack for Aconcagua Normal Route

You should carry this type of equipment for the normal route, including:

  • Clothing such as lightweight fleece jackets, waterproof and breathable jackets, wind pants, and trousers.
  • Gloves such as waterproof fleece gloves and first-layer gloves.
  • Heads include a wool hat, a balaclava, goggles, a sun hat, and a safety helmet. 
  • Footwear includes wool socks, trekking shoes, sandals, liner socks, and double mountaineering boots.
  • Climbing equipment like ski poles, crampons, and ice axes.
  • You should also carry these things, including sunscreen, a sleeping bag, a pocket knife, and plastic bags.

How Long Does Climbing Aconcagua via the Normal Route Take?

Climbing Aconcagua with a guide via the normal route takes 18 to 20 days. On this route, you must walk with a heavy pack for about 42 miles until you are near the summit. The temperature will get to -20°C, and when you reach the summit, it will get to -30°C. 

When Should You Book Your Trip to Aconcagua?

The best time to climb is from mid-December to the end of January. However, you can book your trip six months before the high season. 

How to Get a Permit Before Climbing Aconcagua? 

You will need a personal Mt. Aconcagua climbing permit to enter the Aconcagua Park for the Aconcagua Ascents. You can get this permit from the Department of Renewable Resources. You can also enter with your family, including your 14-year-old kids.


Aconcagua is the highest non-technical mountain in the world. If you don’t know how to climb Aconcagua, you should hire a guide and choose the normal route for a comfortable trip. It may take 18 to 20 days to reach the summit via the normal route. You can also encounter many beautiful species of animals, birds, and plants. You should rest enough during acclimatization and carry all the necessary equipment.