How Does Micropigmentation for Hair Work?

Micropigmentation for hair is a process that can give you an illusion of hair. It replicates the natural hair follicles and looks like a normal hair line on the scalp. It adds natural pigment through the tattoo machine needle. The procedure isn’t painless, but the pain will depend on your tolerance. Let’s know the working process of this treatment.

The goal of this treatment is to create a natural-looking hairline, as you experience in the microblading process for your eyebrows. But this technique uses a line of pigments to replicate the shadow of real hair on your scalp. This hides the bald zone on the head.

Only a skilled Hair Micropigmentation practitioner can make natural-looking dots so that they can blend easily with your skin color.

This process can be users who have experienced acute hair loss. This can also help people with:

•Female and male pattern baldness

•Thinning hair



Does this process hurt?

You may ask if this process hurts. The answer is, that it will depend on your pain tolerance. Before the treatment, the practitioner usually applies numbing gel over your scalp, which is good, but you will still feel the discomfort of scalp penetration. But the overall feeling of pain will depend on your tolerance.

People who suffer from skin sensitiveness, and scalp acne should avoid getting SMP Hair treatment. Getting this treatment will start inflammation on your scalp. If you are prone to getting keloids, which is a common issue with darker-skinned people, your doctor may not suggest your SMP.

Once you have found the right clinic and the practitioner for this treatment, you will have to sit for a consultation first. During this talk, the practitioner will prepare you with the information about the process and will give you tips on the preparation.

For example, you have to follow these tips:

You need to shower before you get the treatment. After you have got the pigments on the scalp, you won’t be able to shower for at least four days.

Each Hair Micropigmentation session takes four to five hours.

•The amount of SMP sessions you get will depend on the area of the scalp. If it’s a small area, it will require three to four sessions to get a long-term effect of color.

•The treatment will be scheduled in some weeks.

•In the middle of the week, you will not able to take hot showers, use steam or go swimming.

You need to avoid exposing your scalp to the outer environment for at least four days. If you have to go out, you can wear a hat. On the fifth day, you can expose your scalp to the sun, but for only forty-five minutes, only if you have fair skin.

Remember, that the longer you keep your scalp away from the sun, the pigmentation will retain for a long time.

After you get the last treatment, you need to do:

•You have to avoid steam rooms, and don’t go swimming for at least twenty-eight days after the treatment.

•You have to protect your scalp from the sun for twenty-eight days. After these days, you must use sunscreen with thirty to fifty SPF.

•You have to avoid doing heavy exercise for five days after the last session.

•Start moisturizing the scalp from the fourth day of the last treatment.

Micropigmentation for hair is an effective procedure to get an illusion of hair back if you do not want to wear a wig or go for surgery. However, you have to maintain some restrictions to make the process work.

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