How to Install and Use APK Mirror on Android TV for Easy App Sideloading

APK Mirror is an essential app for any Android power user looking to install apps outside the Google Play Store. With APK Mirror, you can easily find and download app APK files from top developers. Now, Android TV owners can also take advantage of APK Mirror through the official TV version available on the Play Store.

In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about getting APK Mirror on your Android TV and using it to simplify sideloading apps.

What is APK Mirror?

For those unfamiliar, APK Mirror is a repository website that hosts download links for APK installer files of both official and unofficial Android apps. It’s operated by the popular Android news site Android Police.

APK Mirror makes it easy to find and download app APK files that may not be on the Google Play Store. For example, you can use APK Mirror to install:

  • Early beta releases
  • Unreleased apps
  • Region-restricted apps
  • Older app versions
  • And much more

The site contains APK files for the most popular apps. Developers upload new versions as they are released.

Benefits of Using APK Mirror on Android TV

Installing apps on Android TV outside the Play Store normally involves manually downloading APKs on your phone and sideloading via USB.

APK Mirror simplifies this process with a streamlined interface designed for TVs. Key benefits include:

  • Easily browse and search for apps
  • Simplified APK download and installation
  • Support for app bundles
  • Tracked update history
  • Developer profiles and app info

Overall, it provides a better sideloading experience compared to manual APK transfers.

How to Install APK Mirror on Android TV

The official APK Mirror TV app is now available on the Play Store. Here are the steps to get it on your Android TV:

  1. Open the Play Store app on your Android TV and search for “APK Mirror”.
  2. Select the APK Mirror app from the search results and click Install.
  3. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the installation process.
  4. Open APK Mirror from your Android TV’s app drawer once installed.

And that’s it! APK Mirror is now ready to use on your Android TV.

Alternatively, you can install APK Mirror via sideloading using Downloader or Apps2Fire. However, getting it from the Play Store is the easiest method.

How to Use APK Mirror on Android TV

With APK Mirror installed, here is how you can use it to find and install app APK files on your Android TV:

  1. Open APK Mirror and browse or search for the app you want.
  2. Select the app and choose the APK version to download.
  3. Click “Install” and grant the permission requests.
  4. The app will automatically download and install.
  5. Find the installed app in your Android TV’s app drawer to open it.

The interface walks you through the entire process from finding the app to downloading and installing it. The app info pages also show recent changes and historical release notes.

Tips for Using APK Mirror on Android TV

To ensure the best experience using APK Mirror, keep these tips in mind:

  • Grant APK Mirror permissions when prompted. This allows installing apps.
  • Connect your Android TV to reliable WiFi for smooth downloads.
  • If an install fails, enable app installs from unknown sources in settings.
  • Check the app version and recent changes before installing to get the right APK.
  • Use a file manager like X-plore to manually install Downloaded APKs.
  • See the APK Mirror website for apps not on the TV app.
  • Enable apps from unknown sources in your Android TV settings to allow installs.

Why Choose APK Mirror for App Sideloading?

Of all the APK repositories out there, APK Mirror stands apart as one of the most reputable and safe options. Here are some key advantages it offers:

  • Developer verified – App APK files are uploaded directly by official developers.
  • Malware scans – All files are scanned with multiple antivirus engines before publishing.
  • Historical archives – Easy access to old app versions dating back many years.
  • Detailed app profiles – Includes descriptions, screenshots, comments and update info.
  • Active community – Contains the latest apps thanks to an active user base of contributors.

For these reasons, APK Mirror is widely considered one of the most trusted sources for Android APK files. The convenience of the TV interface makes it that much better.

Wrapping Up

Installing APK Mirror on your Android TV opens up exciting possibilities to enhance your experience through app sideloading. Finding and installing apps becomes as easy as on mobile.

We recommend exploring APK Mirror’s vast catalog of applications to unlock new functionalities. Just be sure to carefully vet any apps before installing to keep your Android TV secure.

And that covers everything you need to know to get up and running with the powerful APK Mirror app on your Android TV! Let me know if you have any other feedback on how to improve this guide.