Instructions on Care for a Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant

The large, violin-shaped leaves of the Fiddle Leaf Fig plant make them easy to spot. The plant grows straight up, and the leaves are stacked pretty on the stem. This makes it a popular indoor plant that brings greenery into homes. Fiddle Leaf Fig plants are great large indoor plants and look great as floor-standing plants that add style. In a home, they can grow to about 6 feet tall, but in the wild, they can grow up to 40 feet tall.

Ficus Lyrata comes from the tropics, so it is like a warm, humid environment. This can make it a little more challenging to care for indoors. Don’t worry; our guide to caring for Fiddle Leaf Figs will help you keep your plant healthy.

How to Take Care of a Fiddle Leaf Fig

Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree Soil

Like most house plants, Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees aren’t too picky about the soil they grow in. All they need is light, airy soil and drains well. Most good-quality soil for indoor plants will work just fine.

Planting, Potting and Repotting

Ficus Lyrata grows quickly and can be repotted every year until it reaches your desired height. We suggest taking the plant out of the nursery pot it came in.

Fiddle Leaf Fig Light Needs

A little tricky to find the proper lighting? The Fiddle Leaf Fig is a bright light plant that needs a few hours of indirect sunlight every day. Choose a spot near a bright window. Windows that face south, east, or west are best. Most north-facing windows don’t let in enough light, especially in the winter.

How to water a Fiddle Leaf Fig

Fiddle Leaf Fig Plants come from tropical rainforests, so they are used to living in damp, humid places with short periods of dry weather.

Your plant needs a little bit of water often. Keep the soil moist but not soaked, and let the leaves dry out a bit between waterings. Don’t let the compost get too dry, or the plant could start to lose its leaves.

Don’t know if you should water your plant? Just touch the top couple of inches of the soil. If it still feels damp, try again in a few days. If it feels dry, add a little water.

Extra Care Tips

You might notice that your Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree’s big leaves get dusty over time. Make sure to wipe them down to get rid of any dust that has made up so that the plant can get enough light.

Fiddle Leaf Most fig trees tend to lean toward the light. If you turn your plant often, it won’t start to lean to one side and will grow in a nice upward direction.

Fiddle Leaf Fig Pests and Problems

A few common pests can hurt Fiddle Leaf Figs, but a healthy plant shouldn’t have any problems. If you see aphids, mites, or white flies on your plant, just wipe them off with a rag and a mild soapy water mixture.

Buy a Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree and let it add beauty to a room. Buy Fiddle Leaf Fig from a plant store and make indoor plants gifts for friends and family, or you can give one to yourself as a treat.