Kawhi Leonard Handsize?

Hands Kawhi NBA success requires many factors. Working hard and being a good teammate is important, but raw athleticism is too. Athletes aren’t just strong or fast; they’re also built. So many stars have big hands.

I’ve played basketball for more than 25 years. I’ve researched the sport extensively. This helped me write the guide’s details.

Here’s Kawhi Leonard’s hand size. It explains Kawhi Leonard’s skill. It will show the importance of certain dimensions in becoming an NBA all-star.


Kawhi hands?

Before analyzing Kawhi Leonard’s hands, we must answer the main question. Kawhi’s hands? Huge. Giant paws are 9.75 inches long and 11.25 inches wide.

Most NBA players in his position have 8.8-to-9-inch hands (except in some cases that measure 9.5). Lebron and Kobe have 9-inch hands.

Kawhi’s 9.75 hand length puts him in elite company. It helps him grip the ball for layups and dunks. It helps steals and rebounding.

Kawhi’s League Ranking

Comparing Kawhi Leonard’s hands to the NBA is a different matter. 6’7″ Kawhi In the rest of the league, tall players, have 8.7-by-9.5-inch hands on average.

Compared to Leonard, his hands are huge. The difference is greater when comparing point guard hand sizes (8.4 in 8.9).

Even Kawhi’s 9.7-inch hands are 10.3 inches. It shows how similar Kawhi is to other NBA players.

He has the ninth-largest hands in NBA history. Only Michael Jordan (9.75″ by 11.375″) and Julius Erving (9.5″ by 11.75″) are larger than them. His top-tier status.

Hand Size: How Important?

Kawhi Leonard Hands is a star. What percentage of his record is hand size? This great question needs context.

Without his huge hands, Kawhi would be a different player. They help him dunk and pass more effectively. Bigger hands help him steal or block defense unbeatably.

Larger gloves may not be as beneficial as thought. Grip strength is more important than court skills.

Fingertips control and shoot more than the palm. Your hands’ strength determines how well you can hold the ball as you move or wait for a pass.

Larger hands only play defense. Good blockers need more space to throw shots away from the basket, and great stealers (like Kawhi) have a better chance of slamming off the ball.

John Stockton had big hands. Despite being 6’1″, he had 9-inch hands. In the league, he picked many pockets.


Consider these questions. I’ll answer briefly below.

NBA Biggest Hands:

Boban Marjanovic, at 7’4″, has the NBA’s longest hands. His 10.75-inch-by-12-inch hands are among the largest in NBA history.

Lebron’s Hands?

LBJ His massive hands aren’t too big. The NBA legend has 9-by-9.25-inch hands.

Who has NBA’s smallest hands?

T.J. McConnell has small hands for his size. McConnell’s guard has 7.57-inch hands. That’s unusual for 6’1″ players.


Basketball hand size matters. You may not think it’s important. Many superstars have larger hands than average, but Stephen Curry has small hands.