Make Your Festival Snacks A Cracker With These 8 Oven Toaster Griller Features

In the modern kitchens of today we have Oven Toaster Griller (OTG) that runs on electricity and comes in sleek designs and shapes. The OTG is designed for handling small or large quantities of food, which makes it a quick cooking tool for all the foodies that love indulging themselves with delicious food throughout the year. OTG makes use of convection technology in its function. Thick walls help in heating and distribute heat evenly on both sides. It has a flat surface which provides additional space to cook at a time and saves you from cleaning up while cooking.

The OTG recipes are equipped with all the necessary features needed for a good, healthy cooking experience. Cooking on the go has never been so easy, with your favorite meals and snacks, made fresh and at the press of a few buttons.

Auto Preset Recipe Selections

Smart ovens are a blessing for everyone who likes to cook. If you want to get it done quickly and efficiently, then using a Smart Oven not only saves you time, but also makes cooking so much easier and fun. By using preset recipes stored in your smart oven, you can cook a variety of food items just like an expert chef or our smart oven will recommend the best temperature settings for each recipe.

Cooling Fan

Even the best toaster oven will not perform miracles if it is too hot. Hence, a cooling fan is one of the most important features that a great OTG should have. A good OTG will ensure outside air circulates through the top for cooling purposes. It also needs to be placed away from any combustibles like curtains or walls as there might be instances when it overheats and catches fire.

Double Glass Door

Double glass doors are a key feature to modern OTG appliances that lets you cook your meals quickly, easily and perfectly. This provides faster heat transfer, better visibility and reduced heat loss as compared to other cooking systems. Double glass doors help equally distribute the required temperature throughout the food to enable a perfect outcome in less time.

Motorized Rotisserie

A motorized rotisserie grill is a convenient way to cook everything from venison to pork tenderloin, and it provides the best possible results. The vertical rotisserie design ensures that food is cooked to perfection every time because it offers precise rotation speed control and has an internal fan with circulating ventilation. The dishwasher-safe tray, along with the removable side shelves, makes cleaning your cooking surface simple.

Convection Heating

The OTG Oven with Convection Heating feature allows better air circulation of heat, thereby cooking your food evenly, rapidly, and more importantly healthily! This means that you don’t have to turn an oven on for hours and hours just to get the perfect croissant- it can all happen in minutes. 

Inner Lamp

OTG oven with double glassed door are not only allowing you to view the food being cooked inside, but also allowing you to check on whether the food is ready or not. This is especially important when your kids are in the kitchen and doing their own cooking. Why waste precious time?

Timer & Auto Shut-off

These are some of the key features to look for in an OTG, the basics, but they’re important. Temperature settings offer a range wide enough to comfortably cook a variety of dishes, while auto shut-off and timer work to keep food from burning or getting overcooked. And because raw meats may cause cross contamination, it’s important to use separate cutting boards and utensils if you want your food to be safe and healthy.