Know More About Bioanalytical Laboratory Services

Biomarker analysis is a type of statistical measure used to gauge a person’s health status. As an example, biomarkers can be used to determine whether people have a disease or not, as well as awareness of specific risk factors for disease. From a patient’s perspective, biomarker analysis offers pharmacists an ability to find therapeutic compounds that are effective against their particular disease. These biomarkers can be used as early indicators of disease severity or how the patient is responding to therapy. In fact, many physicians feel that having access to this type of information from well-defined biological markers is more predictive than traditional lab tests like cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

 Biomarkers are biological molecules isolated from the body that can be used to detect the presence of a biomarker-related condition or disease. Biomarkers are used to identify and diagnose various diseases. Biomarker is also used in clinical trials to monitor the progression of diseases like cancer, hemoglobinopathies, and liver disorders. A biomarker is a molecule that gives information about a disease or condition. Biomarkers are used to identify and monitor diseases, health conditions and for treatment monitoring.

Biomarker analysis is the practice of measuring biological process indicators in normal and pathological conditions or in response to pharmacological interventions. The use of biomarker analysis by physicians has been well established for decades, but the application of biomarker testing to research has exploded in recent years because of our growing desire to gain crucial information about biological reactions on exposure to novel therapeutic compounds. NorthEast BioLaboratory is a bioanalytical lab with over 15 years experience in providing small and large molecule bioanalysis for clinical, preclinical, and drug discovery studies. Our team has an excellent track record of advancing Pharmacokinetics (PK), Bioavailability and Bioequivalence (BA/BE), Toxicokinetics (TK), Immunogenicity (ADA), Biomarker Testing and Custom Assays. We offer Method Development and Validation using LC-MS/MS, ELISA, MSD ECL, Luminex Multiplex, Western Blot, qPCR among other technologies. We are GLP/GCLP compliant and FDA audited facility.

We offer a variety of bioanalytical laboratory services, including small and large molecule bioanalysis for clinical and preclinical use. Our team has an excellent track record for advancing pharmacokinetics (PK), bioavailability, and bioequivalence (BA/BE), toxicokinetics (TK), immunogenicity (ADA), biomarker testing, and custom assays. At NorthEast BioLab, we offer a full suite of bioanalytical testing services, including PK, BA/BE and immunogenicity assays. Our team of experienced scientists and chemists has a proven track record of developing innovative methodologies to meet your application needs. We also have experience with custom assays, such as IHC/Immunofluorescent and Western Blotting (WB).

NorthEast BioLab is a full service analytical laboratory that offers customized solutions for your research needs. Whether you require bioanalysis to support clinical studies, preclinical development, or drug discovery, N2E has the experience and resources to help you reach your goals.