What Are The Advantages of Aluminium Tilt & Turn Windows?

Rather than investing in just about any window for your home, it is essential to look for windows that improve the aesthetic appeal and value of your property. In this context, the European-inspired tilt and turn windows have become a popular choice among homeowners. Even though the windows look best in homes with a modern design, the tilt and turn design are compatible with almost every other home décor style. The windows add a practical and contemporary look to any space, thanks to their streamlined design and high-performance efficiency. Read on to know more about tilt and turn windows and their various advantages: 

What are Tilt And Turn Windows?

Tilt and turn windows are more practical and versatile compared to aluminum windows with conventional design. The windows feature a unique hinge mechanism which makes it possible to open the windows in two different ways. The windows also use a multi-point locking system for opening the windows. Some of the leading fenestration manufacturers, such as TOSTEM India, even offer a crescent locking system for enhanced security. 

When the handle is locked into place, it locks the window on all sides, turning it into a fixed window. When the handle is in turn position, it causes the sash to turn inwards on the side hinges to create the casement-style window. Placing the handle in the tilt position makes the slash tilt slightly inwards from the top, creating a small opening for ventilation. 

Advantages Of Tilt and Turn Windows

Given their versatile design and sleek look, installing tilt and turn windows can prove highly beneficial to homeowners in the following ways. Let us discuss: 

Controlled Ventilation 

The tilt and turn windows offer the advantages of three popular window designs in a single set. The windows can be opened entirely like casement windows or can be tilted from the bottom to create a smaller opening for ventilation. While entirely closed, the windows act as a fixed window that offers airtight sealing against the elements.

With this, tilt and turn aluminum windows offer a high level of flexibility in terms of ventilation. The windows can be used with three different settings, which enables users to choose the right level of ventilation. They can open the window completely to get unhindered airflow on a hot day or open it in the tilted setting to get enough ventilation as required. 

Easy To Use and Maintain

High-quality tilt and turn windows offered by renowned manufacturers such as TOSTEM INDIA are effortless to clean and require low maintenance. Aluminum windows are resistant to dust and can be easily cleaned by wiping the windows with a moist cloth. The metal can remain as good as new with little care. 

Better Insulation with Air Sealing

Tilt and turn windows offer near-perfect air sealing when locked. This ensures a better regulation of indoor temperature by preventing cold air drafts from sneaking inside and minimizing the leakage of cool air. This can, in turn, help to reduce the energy bills besides keeping the indoors comfortable. 


Investing in tilt and turn aluminum windows can prove to be a prudent decision. However, one should pick the ones provided by trusted manufacturers such as TOSTEM INDIA to avail of all the above-mentioned benefits. We hope that the pointers discussed above will help you understand the benefits of these types of windows.