Nag Tibba Trek- Complete Guide 

Spending two days on the Nag Tibba Trek becomes special when you share special moments with friends and family in the stunning Himalayan valleys while sitting under the open sky. This experience will live in your memory forever. shall be. You can only see this vista in the Himalayas, where the moonlight of the night and the rising sun of the morning appear to be only a short distance apart in the open sky. It is named for this reason. The Himalayas are the most beautiful objects in the world; you will constantly be drawn to them and return time and time again because of their alluring beauty.

An amazing trip over the Garhwal Himalayas is the Nag Tibba Trek. Located in the Jaunsar Bawar range of the Uttarakhand Himalayas, the Nag Tibba trek is well-known both domestically and internationally. Visitors to Mussoorie from both domestic and international locations enjoy spending two days exploring this stunning mountain. The most popular trip today is the Nag Tibba trek; you can go there with your family and friends to create lasting memories of the weekend. Since the Nag Tibba Journey is regarded as an easy trek, we also think that kids can benefit from it.


Two locations are available for the Nag Tibba trek: 1. Pantwari Dev Thach 2, The Nag Tibba trip can be enjoyed greatly from any location.

From this walk, the mountains’ beauty stands out especially. I believe that when you climb this trek from Pantwari to Nag Tibba Base Camp, you will get a better view of this trek, and when you have finished this trek, you should return down. This belief is shared by everyone who comes to do this trek. You may glimpse this lovely valley with a 150-degree angle if you descend. When the time comes for you to complete this quest,

Brief Itinerary 

Arrival in Panthwari Village on Day 1

To get to Panthwari village from Dehradun, one must drive for 1-2 hours. The Massoorie and Kempty Falls will be on the route. On the route to Panthwari, one may take in the breathtaking surroundings. From the well-known Nainabag Main Market, one must turn into the right side road, also known as Nag Tibba road, after driving for a while. One can arrive in the village of Panthwari after travelling for nearly 12 miles. Starting point for the Nag Tibba trek will be Panthwari village.

Three ways are available for reaching Nag Tibba from Panthwari, it should be noted. Typically, we recommend taking the most direct and convenient route via Panthwari village. From Panthwari to Nag Tibba, there is a concreted route. A stunning temple with the name “Nag Devta” will arise along the route. This temple is regarded as Nag Tibba’s entrance by the populace. From this temple, the trail’s shape has likewise changed. After walking on a trail for 30 minutes and crossing three roads, there are water points to be found. After passing the fourth road, the path is easy and welcoming. To find a place to camp, one must ascend the mountain.

Taking into Account

•Water must be carried the entire way.

•The journey from Dehradun to Panthwari would take between two and three hours.

Day 2: From Camp 1 to “Nag Tibba,” the final stop.

It is a significant point that after reaching Camp 1, one must go toward the right, away from the enticingly lush woodland. On the journey to Nag Tibba, one can enjoy the mesmerising vista of the Garwal peaks. Even though snow might make travel more difficult, our knowledgeable trek guide will show you the way to Nag Tibba. You will know you have arrived when, after scaling mountains, you can see the flag. This flag’s reverse side designates the village of Devalsari. After some time, a single trail descends from the highlands and leads to Bhatwadi. Some stone steps can be found here. The journey back to Dehradun begins once in Bhatwadi. Every step of your tour will be assisted by our knowledgeable guide. Your guide will work hard to make the trip relaxing and comfortable.

Taking into Account

•A minimum of 2-3 litres of water must be carried for the journey, and it will take 2 hours to climb and 3 hours to descend.

Why do residents of Nag Devta Fair believe in this place?

In the Nag Tibba Trek Base Camp, there is a stunning and wonderful temple dedicated to Lord Nag Devta. Each year, Jaunsar, Bawar, and locals visit this location to worship and pray to Lord Nag Devta for good health and prosperous farming.

Numerous beautiful vistas are available on the short Nag Tibba Trek.

Get rewarded for your weekend journey by the abundance of delightful opinions. Due to its brief duration, it makes for the ideal weekend excursion with friends and family. So, do this excursion to revive yourself and break up your daily routine.

Most significantly, the “Nag Devta” temple adds to the beauty of this walk and is greatly revered by the people for guarding their livestock because of the temple’s tremendous significance.

Enchanting scenes

This hike will take you through a thick forest that is rich in flora and animals, and the route’s later sections will surprise you with their lovely clearings.

Thus, from the summit of Nag Tibba, be astounded by the views of Bandarpunch peak, Kedarkantha peak toward the north, Kala Nag, Srikanta, Gangotri group of mountains, Doon valley, and snow-capped Changabang summits.

This quick hike features a diversity of sceneries, which adds to the hike’s appeal.

However, these more beginner-friendly hikes are Phulara Ridge, Deoriatal Chandrashila Trek, and Valley of Flowers.