Online Registration Process

GeM portal  is a short type of one stop Government e-Market Place facilitated by DGS&D where normal client labor and products can be secured. GeMis dynamic, self maintaining and easy to understand entrance for making acquisition by Government officials.

Public obtainment frames a vital piece of Government action and change in Public Procurement is one of the main concerns of the current Government. Government e-Marketplace (GeM – is an extremely strong step of the Government with the plan to change the manner by which obtainment of labor and products is finished by the Government Ministries and Departments, Public Sector Undertakings and other peak independent collections of the Central Government.

Government e-Marketplace owes its beginning to the proposals of two Groups of Secretaries made to the Prime Minister in January 2016. 

They suggested setting up of a committed e-market for various products and administrations secured or sold by Government/PSUs other than changing DGS&D. In this manner, the Finance Minister in his Budget discourse for FY 2016-17, declared setting up of an innovation driven stage to work with obtainment of labor and products by different Ministries and organizations of the Government.

DGS&D with specialized help of National eGovernance Division (Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology) has created GeM entry for acquisition of the two Products and Services. The entrance was sent off on ninth August 2016 by the Commerce and Industry Minister.

 Acquisition on GeM has been approved by General Financial Rules by rolling out essential improvements in government rules. By and by in excess of 7400 items in around 150 item classes and employing of transport administration are accessible on GeM POC entryway. 

Exchanges for more than Rs 140 Crore have proactively been handled through GeM.

Jewel is a totally paperless, credit only and framework driven e-commercial center that empowers obtainment of normal use labor and products with insignificant human connection point.


  • For Buyers
  • Rich posting of items for individual classifications of Goods/Services
  • Search, Compare, Select and Buy office
  • Purchasing Goods and Services on the web, as and when required.
  • Straightforward and simplicity of purchasing
  • Persistent seller rating framework
  • Easy to understand run board for Buying and checking supplies and installments
  • Simple Return strategy

For Sellers

  • Direct admittance to all Government offices.
  • All inclusive resource for showcasing with insignificant endeavors.
  • All inclusive resource for offers/invert closeout on items/administrations
  • New Product Suggestion office accessible to Sellers
  • Dynamic valuing: Price can be changed in view of economic situations
  • Vender well disposed dashboard for selling and checking of provisions and installments
  • Steady and uniform buy strategies

GeM Facilities

  • Posting of items for individual, recommended classifications of Goods/Services of normal use
  • See, gauge, think about and purchasing office on powerful valuing premise.
  • Commercial center purchasing of larger part of normal User Items.
  • Purchasing Goods and Services on the web, as and when required.
  • Single window framework for conglomerating requests and requesting
  • Straightforwardness and simplicity of purchasing
  • Helpful for low worth purchasing and furthermore for mass purchasing at serious cost utilizing Reverse Auction/e-offering.
  • Ceaseless seller rating framework.
  • Easy to understand run board for purchasing and checking supplies and installments
  • Merchandise exchange
  • GeM acquires Transparency
  • Straightforwardness

GeM wipes out human connection point in seller enlistment, request position and installment handling, generally. Being an open stage, GeM offers no passage boundaries to bonafide providers who wish to work with the Government. At each step, SMS and email notices are shipped off both purchaser, his/her head of association, paying specialists as well as dealers.

 On the web, credit only and time bound installment on GeM is worked with through mix with PFMS and State Bank Multi Option System (SBMOPS); web-administrations reconciliation is being reached out to installment frameworks of Railways, Defense, major PSUs and State Governments. Consistent cycles and online time-bound installment, which is additionally commanded by the Department of Expenditure, has given certainty to the sellers and decreased their ‘regulatory’ cost associated with seeking after officials for convenient installment.