Tips for Designing Attractive Makeup Container Labels

No brand manufactures products just to have them in their warehouse or on store shelves. They intend to sell to customers and expand their market. If you are a health and beauty business with this goal in mind, to do this, you need to develop a deep connection with your customer.

Being able to establish such a bond aids with the consistency and effectiveness of your advertising, branding, and marketing materials. It is during the vital time of purchase that customers notice makeup container labels.

It is essential to know that every decision on your packaging design and custom labels matters. You have several options to demonstrate a robust and unified design sense, from label size and form to color palette selection. As a result, you can win over buyers that might not have planned to purchase your brand or even know of your existence in the competitive market.

Let’s Dive In

Before delving deeper into custom label design, let’s look at FDA standards. It is vital to ensure that you are on the good side of the law because penalties might severely harm your brand’s reputation. Complying with the law is a critical step in establishing a cosmetics product line.

The FDA’s regulations on cosmetics and makeup contain a description of what the term “cosmetic” implies. In other words, this is something other than soap that is used to clean, beautify, or change someone’s look. If a product is also intended to prevent illnesses or alter the way the body operates, it is classified as medication and requires additional regulatory permissions.

Design Great-looking Makeup Container Labels

Makeup labels are usually tiny and stored in areas that may be moist. How can you design labels that draw customers in without losing any elements?

The label design can strongly influence a buyer’s decision to try out a new cosmetic product. Designing an appealing label and container, as well as remaining consistent, could give you a significant edge over competitors.

Visual Elements to Look At

Creating a good health and beauty product label takes more than brand and product information. Consider the visual elements mentioned below and start here when trying to improve your current label design:

Color palette

A solid black backdrop could be the best option for brands that are looking for a modern and edgy touch. A black label with a smooth matte or gloss coating creates excellent contrast and a slick stage for any product presentation.


Putting words together on a label and sticking them on your cosmetic bottle is not enough. Ensure that the font type and color are on-brand and as unique as can be. Do not copy other fashion brands because using their fonts will acutely and chronically hurt you.

Graphics and patterns

Some brands opt for minimalism and simple patterns, while others prefer busy designs to steal the customer’s attention. Whichever way you choose to go, ensure it best reflects your brand’s overall concept and brand identity.

Over to You

You have alternatives beyond graphic design when it comes to finalizing your cosmetics bottle label. Die-cutting allows you to acquire cosmetic labels in the precise size and form you need, allowing them to fit flawlessly on bottles of different sizes.

Make sure to contact print professionals to guarantee you get the results you are after. Bypassing this step spells a ton of disaster and may cost you even more time and money.

You may also use a see-through polymer to show off the packaging below, which is an excellent option if the bottle has a beautiful color.

Since it is common for cosmetic products to end up in the consumer’s bathroom, it is vital to design water-resistant custom labels.