What is sidewalk repair permit and how much it cost?

It is important to have sidewalk repair permit in order to safe guard yourself your hefty fines. The government charge heavy fines from house owners who do not maintain their sidewalks. Good sidewalks help to maintain authenticity of your place.

 It helps to make your city beautiful and clean that is New York City make sure that their sidewalks are properly maintained. 

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In this article we will share important things about sidewalk repair permit which every house owner should know.

Information about sidewalk repair permit

If you want to put in a new pavement or if the Department of Transportation (DOT) has told you that the pavement outside your building needs fixing, you will need to hire a licensed contractor to do the job.

Before starting work, the worker must get a sidewalk opening permit from DOT. Sidewalk Services NY is known for its great consultation for Sidewalk repair in Brooklyn. We make sure our consultation is best for our customer and give them best results. You can contact us for queries, we are happy to answer your questions and concern. 

Cost of sidewalk repair permit

A sidewalk repair permit costs $70 per property for up to 300 linear feet of sidewalk. The price of the permit covers both the cost of running the business and the cost of sending an inspector to check on the firing. Please keep in mind that you need two permits to do work on both sides of a corner property.

If you own a building with three units or less and don’t start fixing the pavement within 75 days of getting a violation notice, DOT may give the job to one of its companies.’

Sidewalk Curb Repair Queens sounds very expensive if you don’t take action on time. The expenses over repair and the charges from government will increase if you show careless behavior. 

The cost of the fixes would then be sent to you by the Department of Finance. The violation does not come with a fine or any other punishment. A copy of the violation is sent to the office of the County Clerk, where it stays on file until it is dropped. A City worker may be sent to a one-, two- or three-family building where the owner lives to fix a pavement that got a violation. 

To figure out how much DOT repairs will cost, multiply the expected square feet listed on the Preliminary Report by the cost per square foot listed on the letter that came with the Notice of Violation. If any of the area that needs fixing is a road, use the cost of 7-inch concrete for that area. If not, use the price of 4 inches of concrete. 

Please keep in mind that this is just a guess. The final price could include any extra repairs that need to be done to bring the pavement up to par.  Different contracts will have different prices per square foot.

Repairmen of non-concrete pavements

DOT workers only fix pavements with concrete. If your pavements are made of granite, slate, brick or something else that isn’t concrete and you want to fix them with the same material, you have to hire a private builder.

Before choosing a private contractor, the DOT suggests checking with the Department of Consumer and Worker Protection to see if the contractor is licensed and if any consumer complaints have been filed against them.  

Once a contractor is chosen, it is important that they get the permits they need to do the work.

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