What is WHM? Why Do Resellers Need it?

A web host manager can completely change the way you manage your company’s websites. Its broad set of features streamlines your site administration procedures. It allows you to save time and effort so that you can focus on enhancing customer service and expanding your business.

Continue reading to learn more about web host managers and why they’re crucial. Learn about the several types of web host managers available to company owners and online professionals, as well as the advantages of using WHMCS for your websites.

What is Web Host Manager?

Web Host Manager ( WHM Hosting ) is a cPanel web tool that allows you to manage your Virtual Private Server (VPS) or Dedicated server. Make custom accounts, add domains, control hosting services, and do basic maintenance with WHM and cPanel. Anything from adding and removing email accounts to administering MySQL databases is under the authority of end-users.

Users can use WHM to create, cancel, and suspend cPanel accounts, as well as alter client domains and usernames. It also gives users access to all domains’ DNS zones. WHM has complete backend control over cPanel, as well as many other advantages for VPS and dedicated servers.

Benefits of WHM

Technical Help

Several smaller companies overlook technical customer service, yet it is a crucial part of your website that you should not ignore. Due to a lack of enough customer support, even simple technical problems can cause your website to go down for an extended period.

You could lose a large amount of site visitors, which would result in a loss of revenue. Best Website Hosting, provides round-the-clock technical support from experts who will resolve your issues and ensure that your website is available at all times.

Cybersecurity Enhancement

Your website’s online security can be improved by using WHMCS. If one of your websites is compromised as a result of a cybercrime assault, a WHMCS will reduce the likelihood that your other websites will be harmed as well. A WHMCS also prevents hackers from discovering that many cPanel accounts are linked to a single WHM account.

Increased Adaptability

By allowing you to alter your bandwidth and disc space, WHMCS gives you more flexibility. These adjustments are important to your website’s continued operation, as it may crash or be suspended if it exceeds its limit bandwidth.

Accepting Credit Cards 

WHMCS allows you to take credit card payments from your consumers across many websites. To accept credit card transactions, you’ll need an SSL certificate and a dedicated IP address. Because each cPanel can only have one dedicated IP address, you can use a Reseller account to administer many cPanels.


There are many reseller hosting companies available nowadays. As a result, considering the best web hosting is difficult for us. Of course, you might go for some low-cost, low-performance services from a respected reseller web hosting service provider, but that’s like trying to swim in an empty pool. That is, you believe no one will visit and maintain your website.

Because these services lack proper security safeguards, they are unreliable and subject to attack. Although you might save money by using this sort of hosting, it is not worth it because it may slow down your website. As a result, professional cheapest reseller hosting is a better option for your business’s requirements.

Domain and Email

To develop brand loyalty, every cheap reseller hosting service provider provides at least one domain name to their consumers. If you use free unlimited reseller hosting services, your reputation may be jeopardised because these free web hosting firms may use a subdomain to market their services rather than yours.

There is also a limit to how many email accounts you can choose from. You won’t have such difficulty with qualified web hosting, and you may use your email accounts and domain.

Style and Design

When you choose free web solutions, you are limited in your choice of designs and templates, like when you opt-out of domains. Your website will also appear unprofessional as a result of this.

A hosted web service, however, allows you complete control over the creation of your website and its associated technology. This enables you to express your design and infrastructural concepts. This enables you to experiment with many design layouts before deciding on the best one for your website.

What is the Purpose of WHM?

    • Users can be added, removed, suspended, and customised.

    • Make changes to/create reseller hosting plans

    • Check server/ best reseller hosting services and resources

    • management and check website activities

    • cPanel allows you to set up your customer care system.

    • Change the domain and user names of your clients;

    • In a few simple steps, you may install an SSL certificate;

    • Make backups and restore them;

    • CMS can be installed in a simple manner ().


Because of its link to cPanel, a Web Host Manager (WHM) is essential. This website software allows you to manage the operation and maintenance of your websites . It has several database, domain management, backup, mail, and security-related features.

All server management duties can be created and automated using cPanel’s automated and configurable platform. WHM is required to get the most out of cPanel. After all, cPanel requires WHM’s help to manage many accounts.