A Beginner’s Guide To Pole Dancing: Tips, Tricks, And Hacks

Where do you see yourself as a pole artist in the next five years? Do you want to take your art to a newer height in poling? If yes, it’s time to uncover the secrets to learning this dance form. Poling involves dance and acrobatics using the metal pole. It’s an excellent form of exercise.

Besides, it tones and strengthens your body, develops cardiovascular stamina, and improves flexibility. So, if you wish to reach your fitness goals by learning the skills, welcome to this post. Now that you have already started learning the dance form, here are the simple tricks and hacks. So, embark on your intriguing dancing journey by understanding the given tips.

Always Remember: Safety Is Your First Concern

Poling connoisseurs can execute hacks. If you want, you can check out the videos of inspiring artists on social media platforms to learn new tricks. As a newbie, it might surprise you to perform every move. But before getting excited, be patient to get the training.

Grow and glow as a poling artist with the right training. Please don’t push yourself beyond your limits at the initial stage; otherwise, it might lead to severe injury. Remember to start slowly and steadily. 

Do Not Apply Body Moisturizer or Lotion before Your Practice

Oil, lotion, and other skin creams may hamper your experience. What makes it more challenging is the grip. Applying moisturizer may result in accidents. You may slide off the pole & encounter injury. So, whenever you go for practice, clean your stripper pole first. It will ensure the utmost grip. So, even if your skin has excessive oil buildup, you can remove it easily.

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Let Your Body Recover

Experiencing a strenuous session may result in pain. So, you need to treat yourself and let your body recover. Get a massage session or visit a spa – whatever you opt for, remember – recovering is more important in this phase.

Take time to unwind and relax before practicing another new poling move. This holistic approach will help you improve your mental and physical health. And that will restore your energy to perform the dance form with more grace.

The Importance of Switching Sides

You might be either a lefty or a righty. But irrespective of that, you must learn how to dance on the non-dominant side. It will improve your stamina and strength, offering more variations. Imagine dancing around your pole on either side. Wouldn’t that help you become more flexible with your moves? Plus, you can also execute advanced postures. 

Wear the Right Outfit

While visiting the class for the first time, wearing comfortable shorts or pants and tank tops will be great. You need to be comfortable when you’re dancing. And as long as you are, any outfit can help you achieve your goals. But with progress, you may buy your professional outfits for the dance form. 

So, these tips will help you emerge and rise as a victorious professional. So, now that you’re embarking on this wonderful dancing journey, here’s wishing you the best for your future.