Velvet – A Luxurious Addition to Your Dining/Living Room Furniture

Soft, silky, luxurious, and opulent – these are the terms synonymous with the velvet fabric. With its splendid feel and rich good appeal, the furniture has suppleness (unlike other materials). That’s what makes it a style staple for your dining or drawing room. 

So, are you thinking of revamping your living or dining room? It’s good that you have decided to restore the interior decor. But have you given a thought to reupholstering your existing furniture? That’s where velvet as a fabric can do wonders. This post enlightens you about this fabric’s excellent feel and appeals if incorporated into your furniture. So, spend a few worthy minutes acquiring knowledge on this front.

Strong, Durable, Long-Lasting – What Else Do You Need?

Thinking that velvet is a delicate fabric is a misconception. It can last longer than other fabrics. And that’s why new homeowners consider it their favorite choice. The material comes with a flat, dense pile that makes it more durable.

In addition, its hues tend to have a depth when compared to the woven fabrics. Note that this material can pick up the light so that it looks luxurious. 

Do you have a pet at home? If yes, here’s the good news. Velvet is a pet-friendly fabric, as it does not have raised weave or any loose thread. So, your pets will beless likely to snag the fabric. Pet hair and other dirt particles are easier to brush off from the fabric’s surface.

Versatility Par Excellence – 

The fabric is versatile and works great when used in diverse ways. From large sofas to small couches, there’s an array of ways you can use the fabric. In fact, you can also think of incorporating velvet dining chairs on your dining table. And you may also use it to make accessories like curtains, cushion covers, and more.

Its luxurious feel can easily glam up a room’s style and look. It makes your space more sophisticated. Who wouldn’t love sitting on a sofa, couch, or chair that adds a warming and comforting feel? 

Easily Maintainable –

Assuming the fabric to be hard to maintain or clean is a sheer myth. You can easily clean it by using a brush & wipe it. Surprisingly, you can also clean it using your vacuum cleaner. Use its handheld attachment to clean the surface.

One quick note: Always deal with spills or stains instantly. You must never keep the cleaning work for the next day. Otherwise, cleaning the fabric might become a demanding job after it dries. 

Any form of liquid (even water) may leave stains on the fabric. Thus, you need to blot the surface with a dry cotton cloth. After that, brush it to restore the look. 

Note that the fabric’s appearance may change after you use it a few times. For instance, suppose you have a velvet sofa. After sitting on it numerous times, the look may change. That’s the brushing effect. If something like that happens, do not worry. You can always achieve its normal state by gently brushing it back.

So, do you want to add luxury and opulence to your drawing or dining room? Then, include the velvet furniture. Attain more details on Alibaba’s products.