How To Choose The Perfect Ring For A Wedding Proposal?

Being in a relationship is very comforting and if you have finally found someone who completes you like nobody else, then it is time that you lock the relationship by proposing to your partner for marriage. 

Marriage proposals can be traditional where you can meet your partner’s parents and ask for their blessings, or you can propose to your lover in an intimate setting. If you are planning to propose to your lover, then having a great ring in your pocket would be a great start. Start browsing online stores or visit local jewellery stores and do your research to find the perfect ring for your partner. 

Here are some tips that you can follow to choose the best ring for your wedding proposal. 

Set Your Budget

The engagement rings can be very expensive. It depends on the size of the gemstone, type of gemstone, type of metal and the weight of metal to be used in the ring. Apart from this, if you are looking for an engagement ring at designer stores, they will be more expensive than in ordinary jewellery stores. 

Setting a limit to your budget would be a wise option. Surely you want to make your partner feel special by choosing the best ring for her, however, the perfect ring does not need to be the most expensive one. 

Know Your Partner’s Style

You can only choose the best engagement ring when you understand the style of your girlfriend. Before going engagement ring shopping, notice the type of rings your girlfriend likes. You can indirectly bring up the subject to get an insight. 

If you do not want to leave any kind of hint, you can ask for help from someone close to your girlfriend, for example, their sister or best friend. 

Decide The Gemstone

Gemstone is the most important part of the engagement ring. It gives the overall look to the ring that specifies it as an engagement ring. The most obvious answer for the stone on an engagement ring is usually diamond. If you are going for a diamond ring, do a little research about diamonds and know which cut would be the best for your girlfriend. 

However, if a diamond ring is to clichĂ© for you, then there are plenty of other great gemstones that would make a perfect engagement ring. You can go for ruby, sapphire, opal, or another stone that your girlfriend is fond of. 

Choose The Right Metal

Lastly, one thing that you should consider before buying the engagement ring is the metal for the ring. You can find plenty of options in,

  • Yellow gold
  • White gold
  • Platinum

While it is your choice what your fiancĂ©-to-be would love the most, however, you should know which metal would look good with the gemstone you have selected. Yellow gold is usually a cheaper option. Platinum rings are the most expensive. However, if you want a silver-coloured ring at an affordable price, then white gold would make a perfect choice.