Innovative Materials Used in Dewalt Jackets

A Dewalt work jacket could drastically change your approach to work throughout the icy winter months by providing consistent, reliable heating control while you’re on the job. 

Leading the work jacket market, Dewalt jackets are well respected for their heating capacity and durability. This is partially due to the innovative materials these jackets use to maintain warmth throughout the day.

What Dewalt work jackets are made from, and why this matters? You asked; we answered. Here’s what you need to know.


Fleece is a popular synthetic fabric that provides optimal warmth in cold conditions. It is often used for the inner lining of a Dewalt work jacket. 

Using a quick-drying layered system, fleece jackets can trap heat close to the body, allowing wearers to maintain their body heat for extended periods. 

One of the benefits of fleece is that it can retain most of its insulation capacity even when wet. However, the material remains breathable, easy to move in, and lightweight and machine washable. 

These advantages make fleece an excellent choice for work jackets, which need to be warm and strong.

Insulated mesh

Many Dewalt work jackets opt for an insulated mesh inner lining in cases where the fleece is not used, providing great heating benefits.

Insulated mesh supports deep insulation, making it easier to trap heat and prevent the cold from setting in. This keeps jackets as warm as possible, even when the outside temperature reaches freezing. 

Generally speaking, the insulated mesh is rot-proof and chemically resistant, allowing easy wear no matter your job site. This mesh is made to last, helping to enhance the durability and longevity of your jacket. 

Insulated mesh lining is an excellent option for work jackets, supporting professionals across various industries and environments.  


Dewalt work jackets often use polyester for the outer layer, which has many advantages for work contexts. 

Polyester is made using lightweight yet highly durable fibres, making these jackets easy to wear and look after for long-term efficacy. 

With polyester, you can rely on great weather-resistant with a quick-drying capacity if your jacket is exposed to rain or snow. Polyester work jackets are also stain-resistant, which makes for easy cleaning because this material rarely wrinkles. 

Polyester is such a popular material option that some Dewalt work jackets even use 100% polyester throughout. 


When polyester is not used, Gore-Tex is another innovative option for heated work jackets, providing many clear advantages. 

Gore-Tex is entirely waterproof and resistant to wind while remaining lightweight and easy to wear. The jackets are incredibly durable, even in very harsh environments. 

Although Gore-Tex is durable and weather-proof, it also offers great breathability, allowing for easy comfort and movement throughout the day. This can help outdoor workers stay agile while keeping warm.

Gore-Tex is a sturdy, reliable material type with excellent suitability for professional use in heated work jackets.

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