Is it possible to ride over bumps and curbs on a kids hoverboard?

The hoverboard in the city is also in great danger from the very surface and the road, oddly enough. It all depends on what model of scooter you have. If you have a model of kids hoverboards from 4.5 inches to 6.5 inches, then it is better for you to choose almost flat roads without errors and cracks. The fact is that such kids hoverboards have very small wheels and because of the small clearance, they are not able to drive on large curbs or bumps, or boulders.

If you have a kids hoverboard model with 8-inch wheels, that one is a little simpler here, since the diameter allows you to drive into large obstacles, but there is one thing. All models except 10-inch have tubeless wheels made of fairly hard rubber. These tires are made from solid rubber. When riding on such models, you will feel all the cracks, small pebbles, and everything on a bad road. Due to strong vibration, all internal mechanisms of the kids hoverboard suffer greatly.

A brother and sister play outside on a hoverboard

If you are a model with 10 and 10.5-inch wheels, then you practically do not need to think about where to go, since this model can go almost everywhere. True, there is one more piece of advice here, do not jump with a hoverboard from curbs, as shown in some videos on the Internet.

How to charge the hoverboard?

When you get to the charging point of your vehicle, you need to carefully check for moisture on the power connector. In order to charge the hoverboard, we connect the charger to the outlet, if the indicator is green, the device is ready to charge your hoverboard, if not, you should check the connection. The plug of the charging wire must carefully insert into the designated place to charge the device.

A sign that the kids hoverboard is charging and charging is working correctly is the red light on the charger. As soon as it changes color to green, this means that your gyro board is ready for use and it should be disconnected from the network in order to avoid reducing the service life.

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How to properly charge a kid’s hoverboard?

General rules that will be true for most kids hoverboards:

  • Use only the original charger or charger recommended by the manufacturer for both the children’s hoverboard and the adult hoverboard. If the charger is out of order, and it is not possible to order the original one, check with the manufacturer’s technical support which device they recommend;
  • Always make sure that both the hoverboard and the charger are clean and dry when plugged in;
  • First, turn on the power supply to the outlet, then – after the green indicator on the PSU lights up – turn on the charger in the hoverboard. Not vice versa!