Which is the Right Age for Kids to Ride a Hoverboard?

Are you considering presenting your kids with a Segway this year on their birthday or Christmas? The idea is certainly impressive, but before you decide, ask yourself one question. Has your kid reached the right age to ride self-balancing Hoverboards?

What is the Right Age?

How do you define the right age for kids to ride a hoverboard? Well, it depends on many factors, such as:

  1. Age

Most experts say the ideal age for a kid to start riding a Segway is eight years and above. However, kids younger than the age can also ride a Segway, which would require stronger supervision. Plus, it is just a lot of work to teach them about the basic of the board and more.

  • Level of Maturity

Some kids are more mature and intelligent at an early age than others. Your kid may be six years old, but their level of maturity could be that of 12 years old. Thus, if you think your child is responsible and understands how things work, you can buy them a model suitable for their age.

Choose a Hoverboard That is Designed for the Kids Only

Hoverboard for kids

Did you know adult Segways are different than that for kids? Self-balancing scooters for children are made while keeping in mind their level of comfort and usage. Kids’ boards have a smaller range and speed because you wouldn’t want to watch your kids accelerate away and hurt themselves.

Moreover, these are made with high-end material to attain durability and sturdiness so that when your kids hop on them, they do not fall off easily. Plus, most kid’s hoverboards come with safety certificates that assure you they are 100% safe for your kids to ride.

Also, unlike adult Segways, kids’ self-balancing boards are lightweight, portable, and comfortable. So, ensure to choose a Segway that is specially made for children if you are looking to present your kids with it.

How to Determine If a Hoverboard is Safe for the Kids to Ride?

Parents’ biggest concern with gadgets and modern equipment is the safety of their little ones. The concerns increase, especially with rides that include speed and acceleration.

So, how would you know if an electric scooter is safe for your kid? Through a safety certificate! The best quality segways for kids come with UL2272 certification, which shows that the board has undergone rigorous testing and meets all the safety standards.

Additionally, you can prepare your kids with safety accessories when they are ready to take their board for a ride. Clothe them in comfortable attire and put on knee and elbow pads, so they do not hurt themselves even if they fall off.

And remember the helmet, which is an extremely important part of your kid’s safety. Once they are all dressed up, let them go and have some fun!

Age is Just a Number

Although age is just a number, there is a legal age to ride the board in the UK. Similarly, most Segway manufacturers and dealers only allow younger kids to hop on the board if they reach the right age to ride.

All this is done to protect your children from any harm. And if you are tempted to buy a hoverboard UK for them early, make sure you do not leave them unsupervised, or else they could hurt themselves, and the responsibility will fall on your shoulders.

So, rather than being sorry for the action, let them reach the right age to understand how a self-balancing scooter works and control it easily so they stay away from harm.