Five Important Reasons That Highlight The Importance Of Custom Barbie Doll Boxes

Can you tell me what is the best part of custom barbie doll boxes? Well, it reminds us of our beautiful childhood memories and our time playing with dolls. No matter how many stuffed toys come into the market nothing takes the place of barbie dolls. For decades they have been dominating the market and continue to do so. Therefore the brands pay special attention to the doll packaging. They give 100% in designing beautiful, safe, and practical packaging. The reason is that it tugs the customers’ heartstrings and brings in more business. Sounds great, yeah! So our experts have pinned key points that focus on the importance of packaging. It is time to discover more about it, so let us dive into the details!

Provides excellent protection

Have you ever noticed the custom barbie boxes? What else does it have other than the doll? Well, that is an interesting question. It has various doll accessories like the kitchen and bedroom set, clothes, etc. Since it is packed with numerous delicate items, durable and safe packaging is essential. You can design the box in cardboard, kraft, or rigid material. And all of the packaging stock provides great protection for the enclosed items. On top of that, the sustainable stock is 100% biodegradable and decomposes on its own. And it is even reusable. It means you can safely place it back once you are done playing!

Makes the custom barbie doll boxes long-lasting

Customers frequently complain that while opening, the packaging fell apart. Well, that clearly is not quality packaging. So you can extend the shelf life of wholesale barbie doll boxes with custom surface laminates. Yes, it offers incredible benefits. Let’s take a look at the following.

  • It makes the box strong, durable, and damage resistant
  • Enhances the printing quality (image sharpness and font readability)
  • Keeps the boxes free of stains, dirt, and scratches
  • Improves the tactile experience
  • It gives an attractive look to the barbie boxes

Hence you can coat the boxes with gloss, matte, or aqueous coating. It is applied as a transparent layer over the barbie packaging. And in a nutshell, it improves the shelf life of the boxes.

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It gives a premium unboxing experience.

We know that the toy industry is quite big. And influencers love to make unboxing videos and share their reviews with the viewers. So its become quite a thing and is an important part of the brand’s marketing. Hence brands focus on designing quality packaging. And for that, the box color, size, design, stock, and embellishments are important. But the top priority is the accurate size. Since the target audience is kids, providing safe and frustration-free packaging is important. So kids don’t get cuts or injuries while opening the box. Hence proper, size packaging is very much needed. As a result, you don’t need extra material to fill the void space. Consequently, it lowers packaging waste and the shipment fare.

Offers variety to the customers

You have never seen barbie dolls displayed in a standard box. Do you know the reason? Okay, we will explain. The dolls vary in size, style, and accessories, so the standard box isn’t suitable. Hence you can showcase the dolls in the following styles.

  • Boxes with hang tabs or handles
  • Reverse tuck end
  • Boxes with PVC sheet
  • Counter display boxes
  • Straight tuck end

Each box style is beautiful and customizable to your needs. You can pick any color, size, laminates, finishings, and decorations.

Use of attractive colors

What is the best way to spot the custom printed barbie doll boxes? Well, color plays a significant role. Thus the girls instantly recognize the dolls packed in purple, pink, and white boxes. Further, you can make the doll packaging eye-catching with powerful images, slogans, and designs. It complements the boxes and makes your brand win the best place in the toys aisle. As a result, the customers stop by, look at the packaging and finally buy it. So that is the power of colorful and attractive packaging.

Why choose us?

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