Top 5 Marvelous Ideas for Shipment Partners to Ship Delicate Items Safely

Packing delicate items for shipment can be a daunting task. It’s not always easy to know how best to protect these fragile packages from the wear and tear of shipping. This blog post will talk about five top tips that shipment partners can use to ship delicate items.

Delicate items are hard to ship, but some helpful tips can make it easier. For example, you should always thoroughly pack the product, so it doesn’t move around in transit. It would help if you also used a box with plenty of cushioning material surrounding the product and filling any gaps inside the box.

We all want to be loved, and it is no different with the shipment business. The more your customers love you, the more they will come back for your services. And as a company that specializes in shipping delicate items safely, there are some things that we have learned about what keeps our customers happy. Like vape companies always wanted this love from their users. Besides, they love to order custom cartridge packaging to deliver vape cartridges securely. So your shipment partner needs to do these things to ensure that your products are handled right.

Use bubble wrap or air pillows to protect fragile items:

To ensure that delicate items are protected, use bubble wrap or air pillows. These materials can cushion the object and absorb any shocks it might sustain during shipping. Using these materials will ensure that your product is safe from any external damage. There are many hands-on they that may load or unload your products during transit. So, keep in mind your packaging is going to bear many shakes and bumps.

You may use a sturdy box on your product to make sure its safe for shipment:

You should provide a sturdy box for shipping. The last thing you want to receive is a broken vape cartridge or an e-liquid bottle at the end of the day because it was not packaged correctly and could not withstand the pressure inflicted during transportation. Remember, We must place small items like vape cartridges in bubble wrap before being put inside the box for shipment. You can also place larger boxes instead of smaller ones to enable ample protection and lessen the chances of accidental breakage.

Avoid using loose-fill or unstable product placement inside your box for added security:

Loose-fills can be hazardous, such as paper scraps and peanuts, especially if they come open during transit. If this happens, there’s a high probability that your items can be damaged during transportation due to contact with each other. Sturdy boxes are the best way to store vape cartridges because they will not shift or push into other objects inside during shipment.

Using flimsy or unstable product placement is also dangerous, especially if you’re shipping glass bottles. Rest assured, it won’t take long for them to break because of general jostling. Don’t blame the delivery service; fault yourself instead of putting items without proper protection if this happens. Keep in mind that any item can break incredibly easily these days. Just see what happened with our vape cartridge, which suffered damage even when placed inside a sturdy box!

Use enough cushion materials that your product handles every jump or bump:

When it comes to packaging, use enough material to secure your product where not increasing shipment costs. It’s always better to provide more cushion than you need rather than risk damage.

Don’t be afraid to litter your package with extra materials:

Packages don’t have to look like mummies wrapped in bubble wrap! Add as much padding as possible, but make sure it doesn’t interfere with the product itself (not enough or too much). If your product fits, use all of the available box space since this will give it the best chance to arrive intact.

Make sure to pack heavy items on the bottom and lighter ones on top:

A good packing tip is to put heavy items on the bottom and lighter ones on top. This will prevent any shifting during transit. However, if you are shipping two products that weigh the same, feel free to put one on each end for extra support. In our example, we can put a vape pen on top where a heavy glass cartridge is suitable to go at the bottom.

Packing peanuts are not just for fun! They help keep your item safely in place:

We all know what we’ve experienced trying to unpack a box of packing peanuts. They’re everywhere, and it’s nearly impossible to get them all out of the product and back into the box. So, why waste them? Most packaging facilities will collect clean ones and reuse them over and over again. It is better to recycle or throw the paper away rather than plastic because paper breaks down so much more quickly.

Go for custom size of the box by ordering custom boxes that fit your products:

You can order custom boxes that are specifically designed to fit your products. This will help you save money on shipping since boxes are lighter and easier to carry. There is less use of gas for transportation. If your box is precise to your product, then your product will be more secure.

If you are thinking about redoing your packaging, consider recyclable shipping materials:

New recyclable shipping materials are constantly being created to make the world a better place. More manufacturers are trying their best to make paper and plastic reusable since many don’t want them in landfills anymore. Since We can repeatedly recycle without loss in quality, this is the most logical way forward. Most recycling facilities will take clean paper and plastic at no extra cost, so it’s pretty much free money for you!

Label your shipment as “FRAGILE” to ensure it will be handled accordingly by your shipping partner:

To ensure your shipment is handled accordingly, label it with the word “FRAGILE” and instructions on how they should handle fragile shipments in their area. Handling fragile items with care is what some shipping companies do best, so use your “FRAGILE” label to tell them exactly how they should handle your shipment. We can pack many small or heavy objects in paper or peanuts. Some shipments will need some more specialized packaging supplies.