Why Luxury Vinyl Tile Is Good For Remodeling And The Benefits of LVT In a Home Remodel

The truth is that; flooring trends are not the same as other fashion trends. This is because they tend not to change as often. Surprisingly, the last decade has been a turnaround time for flooring inventors.

Notably, the introduction of luxury vinyl tile (LVT) has taken home remodeling material to the next level. Every year, LVT flooring continues to gain remarkable market share. In 2018, the worldwide vinyl flooring market was approximately $25.6 billion

The market size is still projected to grow at a CAGR of 7.4% between 2019 and 2025. The rising demand for cost-effective and lightweight construction materials in commercial and residential construction will most likely drive the vinyl flooring market over the forecast period.

More so, the exceptional comfort and noise control that these floors offer should propel their demand in many homes and commercial buildings over the projected period.

With incredible technology, homeowners can now enjoy innovative choices for materials used in home remodeling. Most of these choices are aesthetically appealing and budget-friendly.

What is Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT)?

LVT is a multi-layered material offering homeowners incredible benefits. It appears like natural materials such as stone and wood, but at a cost-friendlier price. 

This is indeed an excellent home remodeling material. Many homeowners are going for LVT flooring due to its versatility. The material comes in various styles, textures, patterns, and colors, so you cannot miss finding what you love. 

Some brilliant designs include:

  • Glass tile for backsplash
  • Beautiful concrete tile
  • Terrazzo floor tile

These styles elegantly imitate the natural hardwood floor or other genuine stone species. Besides, luxury Vinyl tile is astoundingly easy-to-clean and maintainable. With simple sweeping and cleaning, the tiles become sparkling neat. 

The luxurious vinyl tile is also soft and feels warm underfoot. This explains why it is the ideal material choice for common home spaces. It’s a perfect design for places you like spending a lot of time, like the living room. Many people also like it for kitchen tiles or tile for a shower.

Keep reading to learn more about why luxury vinyl tile is suitable for remodeling and the benefits of LVT in a home remodel. Let’s discover this further.

Why Luxury Vinyl Tile Is Good For Remodeling 

  1. Ease of Installation

Usually, new flooring installation can be laborious and time-consuming. It may require days to complete. And this may disrupt your everyday routine.

But, when it comes to LVT products, you can have them installed directly over your already existing floors. You can also have it directly installed over your sub-flooring. 

So, for a remodeling project, it saves you both time and money. You eliminate the complex and costly task of removing the old flooring. Thus, the ease of installing LVT flooring makes it a significantly cost-effective choice.

  1. Requires Minimal Maintenance

You might be planning on a fabulous home remodeling project but a low maintenance budget. In this case, you don’t have to worry. 

It helps to consider modern and budget-friendly luxury vinyl tile materials. LVT gives you a perfect blend of beauty and quality and is cheap and easier to maintain than hardwood flooring and carpets. 

With hardwood floors, you must have a surface layer created through polishing, waxing and refinishing. But, LVT is already designed with a protective coating. This makes it hassle-free when it comes to maintenance.

Again, it’s much more effortless to clean the vinyl tile. You only need to sweep it quickly, then mop the surface to eliminate dirt and grime. Luxury vinyl tiling is also stain-resistant. Hence you don’t require any special cleaning tools or services.

Another beautiful maintenance aspect of LVT is its waterproof flooring element. Property owners and contractors had only one waterproof alternative with tiles for quite some time. But now, they can enjoy diversity with great options like LVT. 

The modern vinyl options are waterproof and perfect for such areas as:

  • Tile store
  • Shop tiles
  • Backsplash tiles
  • Kitchen tile
  • Laundry rooms and shower tiles
  1. Offers Incredible Aesthetic Value

LVT flooring is designed using state-of-the-art technology. It perfectly imitates the natural materials like typical wood and stone categories. This gives you almost the similar look and feel of these materials. 

In fact, you can hardly differentiate it from natural materials just from the look of the LVT design in a room. With the wide variety, you have the freedom to find the perfect luxury vinyl tile to meet your functional needs and attain aesthetic value.

Some of the varieties include:

  • Porcelain tiles
  • Glass tile for backsplash
  • Concrete tile
  • Terrazzo floor tile
  1. Provides Maximum Durability

Durability is one significant reason why LVT tile is becoming more popular. Presently, manufacturers have designed extra durable models. Initially, LVT was known as ‘hot pressed tile.’ Indeed, it’s made from solid and hard-wearing materials that make it a sturdy flooring alternative. 

The tile includes five layers fused with heat and pressure. The layers consist of:

  • Vinyl backing
  • Vinyl core
  • Print film layer
  • Wear layer (protective layer)
  • Coating.

Due to the hard-packed layers, it is appropriate for busy areas like offices. The protective or wear layer element protects the floor’s ordinary wear and tear. This includes dents, stains, scuffs, and chips. 

  1. Has the Soundproof Flooring Element

When remodeling your home or commercial spaces, your choice of flooring will impact the look of the room or your entire living or work space. Besides, it determines how calm or noisy the living or workspace will be. 

Commercial spaces like hospitals or business offices should prioritize having quiet flooring. In this case, a brilliant alternative like the luxury vinyl tile is specially-made. Its aspect of acoustic flooring helps balance the beautiful design and noise reduction.

The versatile LVT flooring option has countless designs containing natural sound-absorbing properties. Thus, for setups like offices, LVT provides quiet flooring. This is especially perfect for open office plans or those who value quiet home spaces.

Quick Benefits of LVT In a Home Remodel

  • LVT is an elegant and appealing flooring option- it offers a wide range of styles, patterns, and colors suitable for any room design.
  • LVT flooring is highly resilient- It’s resistant to heat and moisture, chips and dents, and any other stain. This is mainly for the tough stains caused by spillages in busy places like kitchens.  
  • The LVT flooring feels soft and warm underfoot- Which makes it a perfect material for busy home spaces like kitchens where you might be spending lots of time bare feet.
  • It’s also compatible with underfloor heating- Hence, it’s ideal for those wishing to add extra warmth.
  • Luxury vinyl tiles are almost effortless to replace- This is in case of any damage to a part of the tile plank.
  • LVT is extra comfy in all weather- It feels warm during the colder months and cools in the hot seasons. Such an essential feature makes it preferable for most homeowners. It’s ideal in any climate.
  • LVT is affordable, especially when compared to hardwood. Yet, it offers the same luxury feel that wood offers in any room in a home. 
  • LVT does not need refinishing as it is with hardwood floors.
  • Luxurious vinyl tile is easy to clean and maintain.

Key Takeaways

You can now see why LVT tiles are growing in popularity. The luxurious vinyl tile is a sturdy and versatile flooring option that allows you to enhance creativity in your living spaces. 

Vinyl tile is now the best option for homeowners. Many consumers prefer the natural wood-like flooring appeal. The material is also much more affordable yet still offers the same aesthetic appeal wood would have given. 

The fact that you can attain a wooden theme with waterproof luxury vinyl tile in water-prone places like the bathroom, laundry, and kitchen is even more appealing. Thus, interior designers can also attain the wooden theme in any home or commercial property room.

More so, LVT tiling has remarkable flexibility regarding designs, textures, and patterns. The LVT market is getting even bigger and trendier with blonde and textured flooring. 

The fact that these designs also work great with different kinds of home decoration themes is a plus for home designs!