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SEO Myths to Forget in 2023

In 2022, there will be more than 200 signals affecting Google results. Many website owners make poor decisions that hurt their success in the fight for the top of the SERP. Experts discovered that the majority of errors that professionals commit are due to their continued reliance on stale knowledge or outright urban legends that persist in the internet SEO community.

Including more keywords in your text will boost page ranking

What does SEO’s keyword density mean? The number of keywords or phrases in a document divided by the total number of words may be considered an old-fashioned idea by some. What keyword density should a page have to rank highly?

There is no specific proportion; if you go overboard, Google will catch on, and a qualified SEO expert will warn you. A search engine doesn’t operate that way; it detects when you’re attempting to trick it by using an excessive number of the same keywords compared to the rest of the web.

Social media has no SEO-related benefits

Do “follows,” “likes,” and “shares” on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter affect your Google rankings? As a digital marketing business, we frequently ask this question.

Being us is difficult because our tiny world is complicated. Everything you do must be for the advantage of your user, which is the quick response to the majority of inquiries we receive.

It’s true that a Facebook “like” won’t have an immediate impact on your results. Google will notice if your social media is interesting and has a lot of followers and shares. You will indirectly affect your results by informing the search engines that many consumers are interested in your information, services, or goods.

The links should take precedence over the content

SEO Geelong service companies still claim that you need more links than content to rank highly on Google. Back in the day, building connections with anchor texts was crucial. Although it has altered greatly, such practice is still in use.

What occurred was that SEO experts started to stray from this method and came up with other strategies to create lots of links without caring about their quality. As usual, Google discovered that people were abusing its algorithms and providing no useful information to consumers. Links and content are still important for an effective SEO strategy.

SEO is a one-time process

Imagine you just launched a new website. You are aware of SEO and have made your freshly constructed website as SEO-friendly as possible. You even engaged an SEO company to advise you on what is beneficial to your Google rankings and what is not.

Your website has been launched, and everything appears to be in order. Many website owners believe they are finished with SEO at this point. But that’s just a myth.

Being the top search result on Google is crucial

You don’t need to be a marketing expert to recognize that what first catches your attention will be remembered. Users tend to click on the first pages of the search engine results. By the time they reach the bottom of the first page, it has decreased to 2%.

Typically, Google Ads appear first on the SERP. They are not among the most popular pages based on that. Therefore, employing your resources is more important than being the best.

A fantastic technique to capture the interest of your audience is Google maps marketing. Among the strongest marketing tactics is to maximize your company’s Google Maps visibility.

All of your link purchases will be successful

Have you considered purchasing links as though they were on the last sale? You can’t purchase connections either, just like you can’t buy love. Perhaps you simply shouldn’t. There is no doubt that links lose value when there are more of them on a page. Additionally, everyone may access connections that are inexpensive or free. Your brand should not be connected to shady websites that have nothing to do with what you provide.

The use of Google Ads will boost your organic results

Many Pay Per Click service providers may claim that if you initially spend money on Google AdWords, your organic SEO results will soar. There is no verified official proof. Finding the terms you want to focus your SEO efforts on may be possible, but paying for clicks won’t eventually result in organic searches.

SEO is untrue

SEO is obsolete. We occasionally hear that from folks who don’t want to bother learning more about this topic. The majority of Google Ads commercial searches cost between $1 and $2, occasionally even up to $5. Consider if you need a few hundred to reach the conversion rate at which you will profit. This puts our total for advertising at $400 to $1,000. Imagine for a moment that you already have a position in organic searches for which you don’t have to pay, or at least don’t spend that much. That’s SEO, and it’s effective.


Bring value to your audience! We won’t grow weary of saying it even a million times. No one will teach you how to deceive people into liking and engaging with your material, despite many SEO experts offering you heaps of advice on how to cheat an algorithm.

We tried to dispel some of the most prevalent falsehoods we came across online or from our clients. Our want you to be precisely like an informed person since nothing is more powerful than that.

We know that it can be challenging, and there is no set of guidelines that can guarantee immediate success, so be sure to deal with a reputable SEO company that has experience working on projects similar to yours.